Dancing Within the Red Covid Framework

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We understand that everyone is feeling nervous, parents especially but we believe that dance is more important now than ever before. Our students need a safe space to express themselves, to help their mental health, to get moving, to have the ability to leave their anxieties at the door for a small time and enjoy the freedom and expression of movement and music, and to have fun with their friends. 


We will be doing everything we can to keep all our Geronimo family, students and teachers alike, as safe as we can. A simple FYI, ALL STAFF ARE FULLY VACCINATED.


Further to that, here are the procedures that we are putting in place for Red level.



  • We are a Covid Vaccinated Site. Anyone who is 12 years, 3 months and older who is entering the building MUST show a valid vaccine pass. There will be no exceptions. Students will have their passes checked in class by the teacher, parents (only if they need to come into the building) will be checked at the door. 

  • There will be a staff member on the door from 3.30-6.30pm each day scanning and checking passes. After this time, it is STUDENTS only in the building. 

  • The main door is ENTRANCE only. We are creating a one way system to reduce spots of congestion. 

  • If your first/only class is in the Purple or Blue studios, please enter through the entrances for each studio. Purple: round the back, through the large roller door. Blue: small side door in the main car park. Again, this will help to ease any spots of congestion. Cones will be out to add safety around cars.

  • There will be QR codes throughout the building to be able to scan. Students, we ask that you scan in further into the building to help with a queue at the entrance. There will be NFC tracer codes at the 3 entrances.

  • We are really encouraging drop off and pick up only. Where younger and new students are involved, one parent may come into the building, but will need to show a valid vaccine pass.



  • We are creating a one way system through the building to help with any areas of possible congestion. Students in the Teal and Pink studios will be escorted out by their teacher. They will leave through the staff entrance, which leads to the main car park. 

  • If your last/only class is in the Purple or Blue studios, please exit through the exits for each studio. Purple: round the back, through the large roller door. Blue: small side door in the main car park. This will help to ease any spots of congestion. 

  • Please ensure that you are on time for pick up. Teachers are not able to wait with students as we run back to back classes. Students waiting for parents are allowed to wait in the waiting room. 



  • Masks are mandatory in all communal areas - the hallway, waiting room, bathrooms etc. 

  • There will be signage around the building for QR codes, reminders to wear masks etc.

  • There will be a hand sanitizer stationed at the entrance of each studio to be used on entry as well as spots around the building.



  • As we come under the Gym/Dance category masks are not mandatory while dancing in the studio, but of course if you want to wear one then absolutely do so. No one will say you can’t or shouldn't  

  • Windows to all the studios will be wide open and side doors on the end studios will be open to allow for full ventilation. Additional ventilation has been added to Purple studio as well. Teachers will be checking vaccine passes in each class. If you have loaded the information on your DSP portal, the teacher will need to check it the first time so they can confirm the expiry date. Water bottles will be spaced around the studio so that there is not one spot of congestion during water breaks.

  • Additionally, more water breaks will be given to ensure that we space out and catch our breath.

  • Class plans are being modified by teachers to ensure that we are socially distanced and that there is no contact work.

  • Class will wrap up a few minutes early for each class. While students stretch, spaced around the room, the teacher will sanitise surfaces like the barre before escorting that class out. 

  • If you have a break between classes, you are allowed to wait in the waiting room - masked and spaced. Otherwise, there is no use of the waiting room.



  • There will be a higher frequency of cleaning throughout the entire building. 

  • Communal areas will be cleaned and sanitised daily. 

  • Studios are cleaned and sanitised between each class but also thoroughly twice a week. 



  • The office will be working on reduced hours and is for urgent in person enquiries only. 

  • Hours will be: 3.30 - 4.45pm weekdays and 9.00 - 11.00am Saturday.

  • There is only one person in the office at a time. 

  • Most enquiries are able to be handled via email. Please use this method unless it is urgent. 

  • There will be NO uniform sales during Red level. This is to reduce any extra contact. 



  • The cafe will be closed during the red level. This reduces any extra contact points or reasons for masks to be removed in communal areas. 



  • The waiting room is closed except for students who have a small break between classes. They will need to be masked and spaced in this area. 

  • Any parents of very young children may wait in the waiting area, masked and spaced. We prefer if parents can wait in the car, but we understand that with little ones it can be tricky and nerve wracking. 



  • This will only be able to be used one person at a time. Please adhere to this rule.



  • If you are unwell in any way, do not come to class. 

  • If your child appears unwell in class they will be taken to the waiting area/outside to wait for you to collect them.

  • Please do not come into the studio if you are a close contact or if you are awaiting test results.

  • We may have substitute teachers if any teachers are unwell. Please be understanding



  • If you are unable to attend a class due to isolation/Covid related, just email the office and we can arrange for you to be able to zoom into the class. This offer is for Covid related matters only. 


Just remember that everything will continue to be fluid and dynamic - as changes are made by the government and as we need them - we will make them! 

We are a family owned and operated business - we think family first! And Geronimo is our wider family! We thank you for your continued support through all this madness, we appreciate it more than we can express (maybe we should try an interpretive dance?). Without you all, your support and love, we would not be able to remain open and keep providing this incredible opportunity to all of our students! 


Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

What clients say

"My daughter just left class absolutely buzzing. We will be back for sure!"