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Let's accomplish your performing goals together. Whether it's aiming to build your dance ability, acting, body conditioning or a fun class.
We have something for you. 

Join the qualified Geronimo family
and start your journey today.

What's stopping you?

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We offer classes in a wide range of genres, including Ballet, Jazz, Tap,

Hip Hop, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Burlesque, and Barre.

Our classes are suitable for girls and boys of all ages and abilities, from preschool to advanced, and we also offer classes for adults.


With almost 100 classes per week across four beautiful studios, there's something for everyone.


Come join the Geronimo family

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Pre-School Dance classes at Geronimo Performing Arts are for students from 3-4 years of age. Classes are designed to be a fun beginning to dance and music. They introduce fundamental basic movements that are required for multiple styles of dance further on, as well as the discipline required for dance classes.

Pre-School studios has a viewing window for parents to watch the class from the outside. Students can see out, and parents can see what they are doing in class. We ask that students are confident enough to come in without their parent.

The aim of these classes is to encourage students to develop a love of dance and music in a fun, exciting and creative way.


Our trials are always free and you can wear whatever they are comfortable in and just join in the fun. After the trial, when they want to continue, then you can enrol through your customer portal.




& Fun.


Looking to trial a Geronimo Performing Arts class? Trial classes are FREE,



It's easy! You can book your own trial by following the simple steps to create your own customer portal in our online portal HERE.


Just select the class and date that works for you. Once your trial is filled in your space in the class is booked. Because we know you will LOVE the class, you can then enrol after the trial through the same portal. So simple!

What clients say

"My daughter just left class absolutely buzzing. We will be back for sure!"
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