First Time Performer

At some stage everyone has been a first time performer.

It can be a bit daunting knowing what class is best, what level to start at or even what to wear.


Don’t worry, we can help. First things first, all trial classes are free and

there is no obligation to continue. This is for all classes and genres we have.

On top of that we will chat with you about what experience (or none) you might have

and what genre would be best for you given your likes.

Then we place you on the roll and you come to a class for a trial.


We will tell you when the class is on, who the teacher is, and what to wear.

As a general rule for a trial class it is best to wear something that allows free movement and is comfortable.

Please read our F.A.Q. page HERE as it may answer some questions or

fill out trial form HERE.

Then when you love the class (we bet you do) you can either fill out an

enrolment form in the office or you can do it online on our website.


Simple as that.



  • All prices listed are per term.

  • Private lessons are $30.00 per half hour.

  • A $8 administration fee will be added to all invoices.

  • A $5 Movitae fee will be added to your invoice, per student, for students 5 years and older. 

  • Ballet students who use our Character shoes will have a $15 hire fee.

  • All fees are to be paid by Cash, Internet Deposit or Eftpos.

  • All fees are due on the first day of each term. After two weeks all unpaid invoices will incur a late fee of $5 per week.

  • Any outstanding invoices at the end of term will incur an additional $10 late fee.

  • All public holidays are observed and are accounted for within the fee structure.

  • Please read our terms and conditions HERE for other details.

Pre-School - $130
Pre-Primary - $135

Primary - $140

Junior Fun Open Ballet - $145

Intermediate Fun Open Ballet - $150
Grade 1-4 (1 class) - $145
Grade 1-4 (2 classes) - $275
Grade 5 - Adv 2 (1 class) - $155

Primary - $135
Grade 1-4 - $145
Grade 5-Adv 2 - $155

Bronze Award - $145
Silver Award - $150
Gold Award - $155


Beginner - $140 (Hip Hop Only)
Junior - $145
Intermediate - $150
Senior / Advanced - $155

1 Class - $145
2 Class Combo - $275

2 Class Combo - $275
3 Class Combo - $380
4 Class Combo - $465
5 Class Combo - $545
6 Class Combo - $610
7 Class Combo - $665

2 Class Combo - $285
3 Class Combo - $400
4 Class Combo - $495
5 Class Combo - $570
6 Class Combo - $625
7 Class Combo - $670

2 Class Combo - $245
3 Class Combo - $310

Casual Class - $25




There is no set uniform required for Pre-School Dance classes.

Students are welcome to dress up to enhance the experience for them.

Either ballet shoes or bare feet are suitable for

these classes, although if students do participate in our end of year production,

they will be required to have correct ballet shoes. These can be purchased either

second hand from our office, or from The Dancer’s Wardrobe in Remuera.


Pre Primary - Primary

purchased from our office

- Lavender short sleeve leotard

- Lavender mock wrap skirt

- Pink Ballet tights

Purchased from The Dancers Wardrobe

- Leather Ballet shoes with elastics.

Grade 6 - Grade 8

purchased from our office

- Burgundy sleeveless leotard

- Pink Ballet tights

- Character shoes (may be hired and charged to your invoice)

Purchased from The Dancers Wardrobe

- Burgundy Chiffon Skirt

- Ballet shoes with elastics

- Character skirt with Geronimo regulation coloured ribbons.

The Dancers Wardrobe know which one

Grade 1 - Grade 5

purchased from our office

- Raspberry Sleeveless leotard

- Raspberry waist belt

- Pink Ballet tights

- Character shoes (may be hired and charged on your invoice)

Purchased from The Dancers Wardrobe

- Leather Ballet shoes with elastics

- Character skirt with Geronimo regulation coloured ribbons.

Intermediate Foundation - Advanced 2

purchased from our office

 - Black Leotard

- Pink Ballet tights

Purchased from The Dancers Wardrobe

- Ballet Shoes

- Demi-pointe shoes

- Pointe shoes.


Purchased from our office

Primary – Grade 3

- Short legged black and blue biketard.

- Bare feet.

Grade 4 – Advanced 2

- Long legged black and blue unitard.

- Bare feet.

Purchased from The Dancers Wardrobe

Tap Shoes

- Black Tap shoes are required for all levels.


Geronimo Performing Arts offers exams for Ballet, Jazz and Tap. Our other genres do not take exams.


Ballet exams are held at the end of Term 1 each year. Jazz/Tap exams exams are generally held in the second half of Term 3 each year. Dates for entries and exams are confirmed closer to the time.


As exams are organised externally, at the head office for each genre, entries and fees need to be finalized well in advance.

All teachers work to enhance individual progress and provide incentive for improvement while working towards an exam, and eligible students are encouraged to take exams, although they are in no way compulsory. Students are entered strictly at the teacher’s discretion.


To ensure a high standard, extra classes will be held at the studio close to exam time. These classes are compulsory for students entered into exams at a cost that will be advised at the time and that is extra to the standard term fees.

For more detailed information regarding exams, please see HERE.





At the end of every year Geronimo Performing Arts showcases the wonderful students and all the 

work they have done during the year in a spectacular performance. 

While participation by students is not compulsory it is highly encouraged so the students can

participate in the fun and excitement of the 'on stage' experience.

Our show is a huge undertaking by students and faculty with over 2000 costumes, around 450

students, elaborate lighting and many props.

A show of this size allows students to feel the excitement of live performance and to

experience the 'backstage' buzz of all involved. There is just something amazing about

walking onto stage and having the audience applause.


Furthermore, students get to understand what goes into large productions and 

the work involved. Many students help with costume making, set building and seniors sometimes

get to be involved with choreography and concept design.

Shows are held at in the Theatre of Sacred Heart College, in Glendowie.

Our shows truly are the highlight of the year.


At the end of term 2 we have an in house show case for contemporary and hip hop students.

This is a recognition of the progress for the year and to let friends and family 

experience the 'in class' feel. This normally consists of a series 

of pre-prepared dance routines.

Further to this, Musical Theatre will have their 'Jr' production from the Broadway Junior Collection.

Broadway Junior®musicals are condensed, author-approved versions of classic musicals,

Disney favorites and modern works, custom-tailored to the needs of young people and schools. 

Dancer's Delight

Nestled inside Geronimo Performing Arts is a little coffee haven called Dancer's Delight.

While you can obviously get your caffeine fix here, we have much more than meets the eye. Various teas, a milkshake or a juice. Plus some soft drinks and water of course

On top of that we have lots of yummy treats as well. Cupcakes and slices, chips, popcorn,

chocky bars, & cookies just to name a few.

We also have some gluten-free and vegan treats. Our GF brownie is legendary.

So next time you're in treat yourself and find out what we have to offer.

Terms, Conditions & F.A.Q.'s

Click HERE to read all the terms and conditions stuff no one normally reads. 

Click HERE to view a heap of Frequently Asked Questions


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